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Network Music Systems

SRB Data Services will install and setup network music systems with personal service and reasonable rates.

The most popular wireless music systems are  Apple AirPlayBluesound  and  Sonos

Apple Airport Express
Bluesound Vault 2
Sonos Connect:Amp

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Music Streamer iconMusic Systems

Apple AirPlay/iTunes is the least expensive wireless system, but a few limitations may make the other systems a better choice for multi-room use.

  • iTunes can't play different music in each room
  • When playing the same music to multiple rooms, the streams aren't always perfectly synced and you might hear a slight echo delay if you're in a location where you're able to hear both
  • Apple Music is the only music subscription service that can be accessed inside of iTunes.  If you want to use other music services, they must run their own external software outside of iTunes to send to AirPlay speakers *
  • Windows requires the 3rd-party paid software program Airfoil to send audio to AirPlay speakers from any program other than iTunes.

    MAC OS X (Mountain Lion and later) can natively send audio from most programs directly to an Airplay speaker, but without the simultaneous multiple speaker functionality that iTunes has. Airfoil, also available for OS X, is required for multiple speaker functionality from any program.

Bluesound and Sonos wireless systems add more advanced features and multi-room versatility.

  • Different music can be played in each room, the same music played in multiple rooms will be kept in sync and rooms can be grouped together
  • Can be used with a variety of music subscription services, with Sonos offering the most choices  (see Internet Music below)
  • Both have a line of well-designed self-contained speakers with integrated volume and playback controls in several sizes and in white or black

Bluesound is a premium system with sound quality and features that elevate it above Sonos and is reflected in its 40 to 60 percent higher cost.

  • Bluesound components use high-end amplifier and DAC technology from sister company NAD Electronics and speaker technology from sister company PSB Speakers, both respected performance audio manufacturers
  • 24-bit/192kHz high resolution audio capability versus 16-bit/44.1kHz for AirPlay and Sonos
  • Bluetooth aptX™ and a USB port are built-in to all of the receivers and speakers and make it convenient for friends and family to share music from phones, tablets and USB thumb drives
  • Auxiliary audio input (combo analog/digital optical) is provided on all components to connect a TV, disc player, etc.
Disk Storage iconLibrary Storage

Your digital music files (downloaded files or ripped from CDs) can be stored on a

  • Computer drive shared folder
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • USB drive connected to router *
    *  USB storage-enabled routers only

If you have a Bluesound system and the VAULT 2 ripping/storage player, the music library can be stored on its internal 2TB hard drive.

Antenna iconInternet Music

You can also enjoy music streamed from thousands of free Internet radio stations and from a variety of paid music subscription services, depending on the system.

Please visit the Bluesound and Sonos websites for complete current listings of all available music streaming applications

Speaker iconSpeakers

There are many configurations to choose from depending on the sound quality, size and budget requirements for each location.  You can add a wireless receiver to an existing main or compact stereo system or use a combination of a wireless receiver (with or without built-in amplifier) and passive or powered speakers.

In certain locations you may prefer a cleaner look while also saving space with completely self-contained speakers that have wireless receiver, amplifier and music controls all built-in.

Remote iconRemote Control

Music selection and volume can be remote controlled with most Android and iOS phones and tablets.  Tablets offer an enhanced system experience with larger screens and higher resolutions that can display more playlist selections and album artwork and/or display them in a larger size.

Pricing  &  Appointments

Installation and service calls start at $50.00.  Please call (520) 250‑1520 or email
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