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SRB Data Services will install and setup video streaming players with personal service and reasonable rates.

The most popular video streaming players are the  Apple TVAmazon Fire TV  and  Roku

Apple TV
Amazon Fire TV
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Speed Dial iconInternet Connection

Internet download speeds of

  5 Mbps for HD video (1080p)

25 Mbps for UHD video (2160p/4K)

are general minimum requirements (and also Netflix recommendations), although higher speeds will help meet requirements of other streaming services that use different video file formats and compression and/or don't automatically adjust video quality to maintain uninterrupted streaming.

Multiple users streaming high-definition video or other simultaneous high-bandwidth usage (such as web-based gaming) will obviously require proportionately faster download speeds.

Wi-Fi iconLocal Network Connection

Streaming HD video inside the home requires faster and better quality local network connections than are needed for lower bandwidth tasks like music streaming and Internet browsing.

While HD video might be successfully streamed over Wi-Fi under optimal conditions – using a high-performance wireless router over shorter distances with wireless-friendly home construction and minimal interference – there are other network options that may be a better choice than Wi-Fi for a particular location

  • Ethernet Cable  (CAT5e / CAT6 cable wired connection)
  • MoCA Network Adapters  (send network data over your home's existing Cable TV or Antenna coaxial cable wiring)
  • Powerline Network Adapters  (send network data over your home's electrical wiring)
Filmstrip iconMovies & TV

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu are the three most popular paid subscription services for Movie and TV streaming and have the most content.

HBO Now and Showtime are a few of the newer services to come online, and more new services (and partnerships between services) will be available.

Sling TV offers more traditional live TV channel viewing as an alternative to cable and satellite TV.  For an additional fee you can get the Cloud DVR service which allows somewhat limited recording (50 hours) of Sling programming, but unfortunately Cloud DVR functionality is not available on all channels.

Apps iconStreaming Player Apps

Please visit the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku websites for complete current listings of all available video streaming applications

Remote iconRemote Control

Although Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku players all come with handheld remotes, you can also control them with apps available for most Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Pricing  &  Appointments

Installation and service calls start at $50.00.  Please call (520) 250‑1520 or email
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